Pleasure and Aversive Neurology: Whole Brain Functioning™ Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Patterns

Pleasure and Aversive Neurology:

Whole Brain Functioning™ Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Patterns

That, you can have looked deeply into how the brain functions; a, set of neurology is located deep behind the back of your nose; that’s, involved in mediating a pleasure response; such, a structure – to describe for you where it is – you, can draw a line through your frontal temporal lobes and you’d be going in directly to the septal region; and, such a structure connects your frontal cortex to your mid-brain involving emotional processing; and, therefore,

The, septal region responsible for modulating pleasure and interest; is, further located anterior to grey matter connecting your optic chiasma; and, anterior commissure; and, such is directly connected to olfaction; that, is your sense of smell; and, is engaged in reward and reinforcement; and, is also connected to the hypothalamus; and, hippocampus, and other vast brain regions; ok?

Your, septal is also connected to the aversive neurology of the amgydala and tegmentum complex; and, it neurologically inhibits such centers as you are remained in an interest and pleasure state of i Awareness; and, that a state of aversion existed it neurologically inhibits the septal region; so, you cannot have been feeling happy; and, feeling miffed at the same time; ok?

States, of pleasure; and, aversion; compete, for shared neurology; and, have unique body componentry also preferentially linked to each separate state; and, neurology and muscle connection exists that feelings of joy is supported via extensor muscle; and, feelings of despair and aversion is felt via contractor muscle of your body; and,

Motivation, and mood regulation; in Whole Brain Functioning™ (WBF) technology and training is of a critical role played by your septal region; and, evidence is also supported via this researchers research that looked into how the hemispheres of you brain participate in robust states of pleasure and aversion; and, how this relates to the lateralization or sidedness of body movement; and, such formed the basis of Whole Brain Functioning™ taught to you here,

Evidence, exists that dead food consumption; and, limited mind functioning patterning and syntax; inhibits, proper septal development; and, instead can have caused the aversive componentry of your brain, including the amygdala and also the tegmentum, to have hypertrophied; and, further that an impacted septal region is responsible via its neurological inhibition; to, be involved in depression; and, also corresponding in blunt behavioral responses; and, can a better recovery process be applying Jubb’s Longevity Cell Rejuvenation and Whole Brain Functioning™ technique; to, assist those afflicted with emotional and cognitive challenge? For, all such condition is due to non-Whole Brain Functioning™ patterning; that, dis-regulates affective functioning of the septal region; and, such connects your frontal cortex and back of the brain together; and, is central in being able to tell what’s happening outside versus what happening inside; and,

Recovery, of a wide range of mental and emotional challenge is dealt with via entrainment of WBF verbal and non-verbal syntax; that, activates the septal region; and, neurologically inhibits the aversive componentry of your brain; for, septal region activation is essential to WBF patterning; and, inhibiting aversive limited mind function; of, the amygdala and also tegmentum; all, providing the resource state is large enough ok?

The, vestibular sense was the first sense to form on the earth; and, is of the integrative componentry of your brain; it, is involved in your sense of balance and the release of endogenous opiate; and, WBF specific preferred syntax is engaged; you, move toward what’s attractive and away form what is repugnant; what, is within and toward is you being a state of associated-ness; and, you being outside and away from is being able to dissociate; ok?

This, researcher has a greater taxonomy of any other researcher on the earth in your sensory motor complex; you, can read more about this by reading a Whole Brain Functioning™ manual; and, the vestibular system is involved in all whole body movement sensation; like, as time has been suspended; or, you’ve felt as you are moving forward in life; or, even in a limited brain functional way said you “were glad to be away from work”;

The, vestibular system is involved in your sense of speeding up or slowing down; and, it is involved in turning perception and guidance and also direction moved in as indicated; all, words predicting a whole body movement is a vestibular word; as, is “on” or “off” or “throughout” or “forward”, “up”, “down”, “sideways”, etc; the, vestibular system is involved in regulating the tonus to your body muscle and organs, ok?

Whole Brain Functioning™ engages inclusive language not exclusive; and, it’s framing things positively; and, noticing that as you have a preferential feeling inside you are in your whole brain patterning of i Awareness; otherwise, you can have displayed limited mind function; via, words such as “don’t”, “won’t”, “can’t”, “should”, “will”, “must”, “try”, “but”, “only”, and “just” is an example; ok?


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