Vital Blood Has A Lower Surface Tension

Vital Blood Has A Lower Surface Tension:

It’s Not Just Ordinary Water 

Vital, blood has a good ability to absorb nutrient; even, as gas from your lungs; that, is the chief digestive force provided by the lung; and, energized by the hearts percussion; and, therefore, 

Vital, blood has a surface tension of about forty eight point six three nine (48.369) dyne; and, tap water has a surface tension of seventy two dyne and isn’t as absorbent as is your liquid blood; that, is actually a protein liquid crystalline lattice as an organ; yet, under stress it becomes more viscous and can have had a dyne level of about fifty two; 

Surfactant, produced inside your intestinal tract assist wet your blood more; and, Brunners glands do too; that, produce a very viscous wetting solution of bicarbonate salts; and, this neutralizes the acid churn from the stomach; and, liberates fats and carbs to be broken down and mineral to precipitate; that is combined in the aggregation, fusion, and differentiation of colloid of life; as, they have aggregated and then fused; and, these fused masses differentiate into a red blood corpuscle in the large cell lamina propria; in, your submucosa of your intestinal tract; nitrogen, is applied to manufacture amino acid; and, also neurotransmitter and hormones too; and, therefore,

Four, phases exist in colloidal biology including a plasma body; and, a gaseous body; a, fluid body; and, a solid body; as, is a colloid; magnicity, provides a surface tension of a substance in its relation to its surround; and, viscosity, suspension, cohesion, & adhesion in your intestinal tract; combine, to manufacture red blood corpuscle, ok? 

One, cubic millimeter of blood can have up to five million red blood corpuscle in there; and, as a lifefoodarian you can have maybe about five thousand immune cells and and some three hundred platelet; that, is of an albumin to globulin ratio of five over one; you, can achieve this you have zero inflammation because you live on lifefood; and, you’ve cleared away all intestinal inflammatory situation; and, Jubb’s LifeHydrate; FloraGrow; 4NR; and Euphoria; can, go along way in assisting you have proper surfactant necessary; therefore, 

The, blood is highly absorbent as a solution; and, that blood is a heterogeneous concentrated protein solution that has its good surface tension; to, absorb gas and also all other nutrient within itself; and, so,

Surface, tension is made up out of amphiphilic and also amphoteric element; that, allow it to be very flexible in its absorptive capacity; even, of magnicity; and, this is because of its magnetic north, south, and neutral pole magnicity; and, gradations of concentration and dissipative structure; ok? Anyway, eat lifefood and be happy you can live a long life…


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