Whole Brain Functioning™ Personal Development Training – May 11-12 in Hilo, Hawaii

Can, you have become more observant? For, as you have joined this training; can, you look at what is being offered to you? Can, you have taken hold of this opportunity now? Can, you have picked up the phone and made the call? You’ve, reserved your spot; for, there is a great breadth and depth; of, your participation being about the prospect of a pleasurable experience; and, not just an item or a service itself;

Discover, Whole Brain Functioning™; as, is a movement sweeping the earth; such, is about a standard; engaging, your ability to elegantly disagree; or, to be able to now read the body like a book; be, an agent for behavioral change; be, an agent for this Eclipse movement; come, in and socially network and connect with other braves around Dr. Jubb;

You, can be applying a greater constructive agreement between parties got; your, outcome is more totally achieved; rather, than a disagreement; learn, of what is Whole Brain Functioning™ and i Awareness; and, how such is being applied in your leadership style; you’re, learning how to apply your language for copy in your business; and, your professional life; if, you are in the helping profession; make, this training awaken mastery in you now; don’t, delay; pick, up the phone now; so, you’re looking back having reserved your spot;

Attending, a ceremony that’s involving your ability to vision; and, singing and drumming; in, a circle around a fire; being, engaged in individual and partnered and group initiatives; Whole Brain Functioning™, is defined to be indelibly an ultimate comprehensive integration; applying, the vestibular sense; which, is your sixth sense; which ,this is really the first time this is being applied on the earth; Dr. David Jubb, is the primary proponent of such; and, is presupposing excellence; and, applying a large enough resource state to collapse any stuck state into such, okay? That’s, what i’ve been doing here as you’ve been listening to this story being read; inside, here; now; okay?

Listen, wake up; flag, this now; Whole Brain Functioning™ training; you, came to; awaken, mastery in you; you, learn the application of modal operators of possibility; versus, necessity; you, learn how to apply state specific behavioral change work within yourself; to, clear away all belief; and, low ordered sorting styles; that, can have been a fat taker struck style; you, clear away; come, and learn about an internal representation; involving, the finest taxonomy of our sensory motor complex; you’re, going to be taught here in this training; i, know about this; i’ve, been looking at what happened over a couple thousand years; to, see how the earth had moved into a golden age; where, a bank directing currency came back into a beloved who is having perception; instead, of being left inside something fictional; as, alphabet soup land;

You, can be this beloved at this grassroots level; this, is a grassroots movement; it’s, what’s supportive of you so it’s below you; it’s, what’s championing you so it’s behind you; and, this is this happy face inside you; make, this training awaken mastery in you;


Firewalking Ceremony: Walk Through What You’ve Feared – Hawaii – TBA

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