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Dr. David Jubb

Dr. David Jubb, founder and chief product formulator at Jubb’s Longevity, is a pioneer in the fields of behavioral change work, communication, neurology, holistic health, biology, and quantum science. Dr. Jubb is a neurobehavioral physiologist, blood formation (hematogenesis) specialist, microscopist, foremost expert in the world in colloidal biology, and a shaman in the Toltec tradition. Over some forty years, Dr. Jubb has developed a number innovations across multiple disciplines, and has led thousands of clients through Whole Brain Functioning™ adventure-based experiential trainings; and, coached many more through Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation lifefood nutritional fasting programs.

Dr. Jubb is also a scientist/plasma physicist, innovator in natural health and beauty, and a doula. One of the world’s top naturalists, Dr. Jubb conducts trainings and seminars around the world on cleansing, peak performance, vitality, Lifefood, and fitness. Jubb’s primetime public television show “The Universe Inside Our Mind” ran on Manhattan cable for over a decade. Many celebrities, world leaders, top athletes, Olympic medalists and corporate executives to this day seek out Dr. Jubb’s advice regarding management, leadership, Whole Brain Functioning™, physics of microscopic construction, psychological & physiological testing, astrophysics calculations, biological compatible material, Lifehouse ceramic construction, and colloidal extraction of precious element; and, also as a forensic behavioral expert. This only describes a small area of Dr. Jubb’s advice and expertise.

David Jubb was born and raised on a remote group of islands between Tasmania and the mainland of Australia, and David’s only education in childhood was a thorough integration with nature. Dr. Jubb grew up in the wilderness in one of the most pristine environments on the earth, and was a ship captain by the age of ten. Drawn on a string to the United States to study with world experts in the fields of behavior, neurology, and biology, Jubb eventually arrived in New York and received a PhD from New York University for pioneering research in how the hemispheres of the brain participate in robust states of pleasure and aversion, and reading the body as an instrument to calibrate internal experience.

During this time, Dr. Jubb met and began training with his awakener, Cloud Two Children, with whom he completed a traditional medicine person’s apprentice for five years. Dr. Jubb then joined Cloud on the road conducting ceremony for an additional four years. David has performed over two thousand entheogenic ceremonies across Turtle Island with several tribes, and is trained in various ceremony, including Yuwipi and sweat lodge. Dr. Jubb was given a medicine name and inducted into an order of a Toltec tradition whose directly transmitted oral history stretches back more than four thousand years.

Dr. Jubb’s research at New York University, along with the apprenticeship with Cloud and other expert teachers, led to the innovations of Whole Brain Functioning™ and colloidal biology – life below the level of the cell. Dr. David Jubb wrote a number of training manuals and began leading retreats with Annie Jubb, taking participants on adventure-based excursions into the wilderness and applying fire walks, high and low elements, and other movement-based exercises – while using language and sophisticated hypnosis technique to anchor in resourceful states of consciousness.

In Whole Brain Functioning™ technology, you learn movement is the broadest pathway for reprogramming the brain. Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, celebrities, and high-functioning professionals across many fields participated in these trainings and learned tools to achieve and remain in a state of excellence throughout life.

Colloidal biology is a brand new insight into life below the level of the cell, overturning the wrong notions of Darwinism and rigid convention of scientific thinking having been stuck on the idea of monomorphism and mitotic cell division. In colloidal biology, one learns that colloid of life are the very building blocks of life, and through a process of aggregation, fusion, and differentiation, such lifecolloid morph into spore, double-spore, and can go on to become any cell in the body in health. In a dysbiotic life cycle, these lifecolloid form into mold, fungus, and yeast, which wreaks havoc on the body and is the source of all degenerative condition and dis-ease.

In order to potentiate the body’s ability to heal itself, Dr. Jubb developed Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation, which is the only cleanse of it’s kind designed to clear away bile occlusion and therefore address the source of health challenge for most all beloved on the earth: the liver, gallbladder, and Brunner gland areas responsible for the production of bile. This represents the top of the watershed area in your body, and is the primary area of focus when beginning a cleanse, which all Phoenix Fasticians are trained to do: this is referred to as upstream cleaning.

Dr. David Jubb is the author of numerous books, including: Lifefood Recipe Book (with Annie Jubb); Secrets of An Alkaline Body (with Annie Jubb); Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation: Colloidal Biology: A Symbiosis; The Value of Uncut Wood; The Path of Formlessness; Sexually Rigged; Whole Brain Functioning™ training manuals volumes 1-3; the Path of Hollow Bones series (eleven volumes); Magnicity: Entomological Inverse Gravitational Flight of the Beetle; LifeHydrate: Membrane Permeability Surfactant Enhancement; G.U.T.: Grand Unified Totality; and, Phoenix Fastician training manuals for certified cleanse technicians.

Dr. Jubb is also a forensic expert and a whistleblower, having dedicated years to educating students on common law and the judicial system, the true purpose of government (to protect property), the creation of money and origins of banking, principles of power and use of subliminal manipulation in society and culture, subversive means of control used by the hidden hand above government, and solutions for a sustainable future: lifefood agrarianism, gender egalitarianism, and economic egalitarianism (constitutional currency). His latest work is focused on creation of a new currency for the earth, called the “alm”, which is a means to give all beloved on the earth an opportunity to live in peace once again.

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