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 Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation Can Assist You Achieve Your Wellness Goals: Start Learning Today What You Can Do To Naturally Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Maintain Mental Clarity and Focus, Gain Strength, Clear Away Disease, Hydrate Your Body and Blood, and Feel Amazing

Introduction to Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation

Most people have gall and liver stones mainly due to a diet high in insoluble fats and animal fats, indigestible proteins, refined sugars and refined carbohydrates combined with a lack of adequate insoluble dietary fiber. The liver and the gall bladder would normally be able to break down these acid-forming foods; yet, due to their overconsumption, the bile in the liver and gallbladder becomes supersaturated and insoluble; and, “stones” are created as these fats and cholesterols solidify. These stones can also become hard as sometimes they are encased in calcium and other minerals.

The liver is the body´s factory, and also sewer and irrigation treatment facility. One can imagine the body when it is not in a healthy state to be like a wet, dirty kitchen table, with the liver as a cleaning tool and kitchen sponge. When not in a healthy state, the liver of most people is like a dirty wet kitchen sponge, with a plastic bag around it. Saturated and sealed, it cannot fully perform its function.

Taking in olive oil and lemon juice on the flushing day of the cleanse creates a flushing effect in the liver and gallbladder and the stones are passed easily in the stool. They may come out as a green, slimy mass or actual stones ranging in size from the small to medium-sized pellets; sometimes larger. Their color also varies, ranging from brown to dark green, bright green, black or muddy white. Their odor is usually quite strong.


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Passing stones is only one element of success on this program. It optimizes liver function, radically improves bile flow and is designed to help cleansing to be increase to some 400% over what might ordinarily be occurring. This is the foundation of cell rejuvenation and along with Lifefood nutrition – which is rich in food-based minerals, enzymes, vitamins and soluble and insoluble fiber – such allows the body to maintain bile flow in the liver and gallbladder.

Jubb’s Cellular Rejuvenation Protocol is twenty one days of cleansing during which you are fasting from five things:

  1. Cooked & dead food 
  2. Starch
  3. Solid food (all food is thoroughly chewed and mixed with saliva)
  4. Flesh
  5. Break-fast


Jubb’s twenty one day Cellular Rejuvenation program halts silent inflammation, trims and shrinks the waist and areas of excess fat deposit on the body, renews the luster of skin, hair, and nails, rejuvenates your body flora, reduces the body’s needs for insulin, clears up intestinal dysbiosis, restores the tight junction fit of the intestinal wall, disposes of unwanted adipose tissue and water retention, improves circulatory force and body temperature, assists restore vital nerve force, and vitalizes your immunity.

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Distinctions of Jubb's Cell Rejuvenation Program

1. Lifeforce

There is great emphasis on this insight into lifeforce and paying attention to lifeforce as a nutrient (unlike the approach found in many uncooked and “living” food programs, lifeforce translates as a substance’s capacity to grow in the wild and eco-sterilize against mold, fungi and yeast). This includes paying attention to which lifecolloid, such as fungi found in grain silos, has colonized the nutrient brought in. An oxidative metabolism of lifefood guards your body against dysbiosis. The enzymes of food cultured with dysbiotic lifecolloid as mold are involved in fermentative, degenerative processes.

2. Protect

Bio-balance is re-established and maintained by paying attention to various systems and substances, such as antioxidant, albumin, hormone, essential fatty acid, mineral, sugar and blood volume, and endocrinology; one must also, while cleansing, guard against prophylactic and anaphylactic shock.

3. Upstream Cleaning

The importance of upstream cleaning is emphasized. Upstream cleaning starts at the nose with proper inspiration and expiration. Cleansing occurs in a progressive sequence. First organs above the mesentery diaphragm are cleaned – stomach, pancreas and gallbladder/liver – then organs beneath this diaphragm. This is typically followed by a parasite flush, and pelvic suppository if needed.

4. Potentiate

Whole-food vitamin-mineral supplement and herb formulated by Dr. Jubb are used to restore energy and assist the body with evacuation, cleansing, restoration and fortification.

5. Rest

Rest is vital: nature wants to heal you, while you give nature a chance by cleansing and resting.

6. Blend

Lightly blending rather than juicing is recommended, as blending retains “whole” food nutrient and allows for a more sustained energy release. It also retains more fiber. Fiber brings moisture into the intestinal tract and acts as a solvent for toxin as well as an intestinal “broom”.

7. Optimize

Attention is paid to life-habit, eliminating sources of stress and maintaining human growth hormone and albumin at optimal levels. A true healing therapeutic involves changing your ways.

8. Sense

You are educated to tune in and sense naturally what is required. For instance, one´s own aliesthetic taste change is the natural ability to chemically sense what is needed through taste change. When one has had enough Lifefood in a meal, the attraction to the taste is completed. Only as one eats lifefood is the aliesthetic taste change activated.

9. Mineralize

In the early stages of cleansing, adding extra sun-dried sea salt to lifefood soup and sorbet for a short duration acts powerfully to aid the body in mineralizing and maintaining bio-balance.

10. Choose

Emphasis is placed on decision-making, with the individual as “the doctor within.”

11. Attune

Unnatural craving is cleared away as we assist the body to be in bio-balance during the cleansing. For instance, on other “uncooked” and “living” food programs, glucides in sprouted grain and other starch food, when ingested, signal the digestive systems that a form of sugar being consumed will not be processed. Yet that food is without adequate cell salt and without glucide transfer into real-time energy. Drastic deficiency and a craving for sweet and oily food can be the result of other cleansing programs that lack this insight into the importance of manageable sugar and lifeforce being present.

12. Be Empty

The stomach is best empty going to sleep, and one rests the intestinal tract by going without breakfast. This lengthens the space between the evacuation of the bowel and the next intake of food.

13. Liquefy

Drinking what is chewed and chewing what is drunk is encouraged. All nutrient brought in has to be complexed with parotid hormone in the saliva.

14. Lymphosize

Castor packs, salves, suppositories and compresses are recommended to use extensively throughout Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation Program. Castor oil has the ability to absorb three inches into the body and saturate tissue, easing inflammation and lymphosizing your body. Castor packs account for approximately 50% of your success on the Jubb’s Cellular Rejuvenation Program.

15. Maintain

A cleansing blood sugar level is maintained at 85 milligrams/deciliter and an ideal calcium/phosphorus ratio of 5:2 is maintained through intake of lifefood.

16. Regulate

There is a 5:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fat intake, with an emphasis on a modest amount of monounsaturated fat. This is closer to the design of the ancient architect, as determined by a number of indicators.

As you follow this program, you are caring to be aware of several processes in your body which you are engaging to trigger your body’s ability to rejuvenate yourself:


∞ Evacuation ∞

∞ Stone Softening and pH Adjustment ∞

∞ Inflammation Reduction ∞

∞ Maintaining Muscle While Reducing Fat ∞

∞ Flushing Bile Debris ∞

∞ Increasing Microcirculation and Lymphatic Flow ∞

∞ Recovering Proper Intestinal Flora ∞

∞ Restoring the Tight Junction Fit of Your Intestinal Wall ∞


By bringing in fresh, enzyme active lifefood in the form of nourishing blended beverages, soups, smoothies, and sorbets; and, supplementing with whole food vitamin mineral complexes specifically formulated to assist evacuation, dissolve foreign deposit in organ and tissue, and restore bile flow; you, give your body the opportunity to reprogram mineral starved and hypotonic cells to become hydrated, plumped, softened, and youthful again; as is your natural condition.

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