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  Shed away unwanted weight

Trim and shrink your waist and areas of excess fat deposit

Halt silent inflammation (the hidden undertaker)

Renew the luster of your hair, skin and nails

Recover the tight junction fit of your intestinal wall (clearing up celiac and leaky gut condition)

Vitalize your immunity

Rejuvenate your body flora (your microbiome)

Get relief from aches and pains in the joints and tendons

Restore vital nerve force and circulation

Clear up intestinal dysbiosis (mold, fungus, and yeast overgrowth)

Improve circulatory force and body temperature

Reduce your body’s need for insulin

Dispose of unwanted adipose tissue and water retention



Probiotic (aerobic and anaerobic lifecolloid) condiment, containing billions of colony forming units (CFUs) per serving

Reduce, intestinal surface tension & observe increased nutrient absorption

Assist, the process of healing Celiac disease

Repair, leaky gut syndrome

Promote, high integrity muscle growth

Increase, burning potential of fat

Cause, brain nutrient to arise in the intestinal tract

Restore, the tight junction fit of your intestine


Increase, brain and nerve energy via monatomic Magnesium with Jubb’s White Gold

Vitalize, cognitive function and managing emotion as clinically and empirically observed

Detox, via over two hundred different enzymatic pathways (which require magnesium)

Harmonize, and maintain brain hemispheres to increase alpha and beta brainwave

Optimize, calcium absorption and keep calcium suspended in the blood

Increase, endocrine function via potentiated bioavailability of magnesium

Benefit, from whole-food vita mineral formula with humic and fulvic acid complexed

Provide, nutrient for proper oxygenation of the body and relief from cramp

Restore, proper cardiovascular function and decrease inflammation; reducing, joint pain

Dissolve stone (kidney, gallbladder, pancreas); includes: natural phosphatase

Relax, muscle and body tension, get relief from cramp, assist decalcification of body

Empty, your bowels and have digestive regularity

Trim, your waist and excess fat deposit by clearing away excess water from your body

Use, as an evacuative as part of the Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation 21 Day Nutritional Cleanse


Hydrate, your whole body increasing luster and elasticity of skin

Reduce, surface tension of water & molecular agragate size; while, raising pH

Repair, and maintain DNA and optimise neurotransmission in the brain

Provide, protection for your teeth and increased bone strength

Contains, the most powerful anti-oxidant in nature, monatomic hydrogen

Vitalize, gastrointestinal tract; lung, and kidney function by increasing slipperiness

Assist renal, cardiovascular & pulminary anti-inflammatory healing process

Is, an adaptogenic formula causing you to bring the body into balance

Improve, structure of filter, tap, and bottle water to achieve superior hydration

Provide, lifefood natural pacifarin: you clear away mold, fungus and yeast from the body (neoplasm)

Deliver, natural analgesic (pain relief) effect

Cause, reduced inflammation of your brain; acting as a natural nootropic

Improve, circulation and deepen the heart’s pulse (improved heart health)

Reduce, anxiety

Clear away parasite and dysbiotic lifecolloid

Dissolve, calcium phosphate and foreign debris in the body

Vitalize, neurotransmitter – increasing your ability to get things done

Improve, mood and you’re able to maintain euphoric feeling with increased serotonin, gastrin, and secretin

Energize, your body by enhancing libido and endocrine function with natural aphrodisiac

Optimize, pheromone production and receptivity; engaging sexual attractant

Balance, hormonal system while blocking strange xenoestrogen

Rejuvenate, your body’s hypothalamic; pituitary; and, adrenal metabolism

Reduce, inflammation and oxidation with powerful adaptogenic phytonutrient

Excipiate, and removes debris from your skin and intestinal tract

Hydrate, connective tissue of nerve and skin with Jubb’s White Gold element

Protect, cellular integrity, providing vapor barrier of aqueous thin film probiotic surfactant

Heal, sebaceous gland and clears away P. acnes and other dysbiotic skin condition

Assist, activate DNA and balance brain hemisphere synchronization

Rejuvenate, and refresh teeth, gums, and mouth with organic colloidal herbal extracts

Contains, the most powerful antioxidant found in all of nature to protect internal and external surface of your tissue from caustic condition

Increase, nervous system and endocrine function by providing you with rare monatomic earth element from White Gold in it’s enzymatic active form

Balance, mineral levels in blood and connective tissue

Ease, somatopause/menopause and age-related degenerative hormonal condition

Restore, healthy balance of symbiotic lifecolloid probiotics on surface of skin, mouth, and intestinal tract – your “microbiome”

Improves, evacuation and stimulates bowel movement

Reduces, gas and intestinal inflammation

Vitalizes, digestive-organ

Generates, purgative effect of laminated mucus

Restores, the integrity of your digestive tract

Gives, you a slim waist for a longer life

Clears, excessive water from between your cells

Provides, you nutrient to assist with the mucus membrane

Acts, as an evacuative – not a laxative

Is, combined with sphingosine and ceramide for membrane permeability surfactant enhancement

Activate, immune cell via compound in Nerium indicum

Increase, dramatically your nonspecific resistance to stress

Promote, wound healing activity

Stimulate, collagen formation

Recognize, the epitope of neoplastic cell surface

Dissolve, parasite with active enzyme such as chitinase, resinase, and sclerotinase

Arrest, bacteria​, mold, fungus, yeast and parasite

Inhibit, the growth of tumor cell via antiangiogenic activity

Assist clear away tissue beyond the economy of your self via phytonutrient

Prompt, apoptosis of neoplastic condition; this, researcher has seen how even deadly neoplasm has responded positively to be cleared away; and, that such compound can cross the blood brain barrier

Contains, over 200,000 enzyme!

Cause, digestive juices to flow as a digestive tonic

Shrink, intestinal pore size back to normal

Enhance, physical performance and recovery

Assists, with softening of calcium phosphate and stone deposit

Clear up, psoriasis, eczema and other skin condition

Dissolve, arteriosclerotic plaque

Increase, the blood’s fat-manipulative force

Has, all of it’s metabolic & enzymatic force intact (unlike other enzyme products)

Gives, you tryimethylglycene – assists to build hydrochloric acid and neurotransmitters

Fortify, and thicken your gut wall

Chelate, heavy metal and solvent from your body

Suppress appetite naturally and stave off feelings of hunger

Stabilize and elevate mood during cleansing

Clear away craving for junk food

Reduce fat around the belly and improve fat metabolism

Tonify the liver and purify your blood

Promote deep restful sleep and enhance dream recall

Soothe stomach pain and indigestion as you manage gas, bloating & nausea

Have a better stool constitution

Bring in rare earth element for membrane quorum sensing (i.e. lanthanide)

Stimulate production of neurotransmitter in your gut

Jubb's Lifecolloid:
Telomerase DNA Repair

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