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Poly-Potency of Red Blood Corpuscle and Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation

If, it was found a heart in a beloved’s body; it’s, by inductive reasoning that you can say most all we see around us, moving as all animals do; then, all such animals must have a heart; as, you’ve seen a red blood corpuscle become an astrocyte; then, this immune cell matures and becomes phagocytic; and, such gobbles up debris and has enzymes that reduce that debris; 

As, you have seen under the microscope a red blood corpuscle; where, no DNA was existed; nuclei, can arise via a biological transmutation; and, a nucleated cell can arise up out of a red blood corpuscle; that, you saw this once is enough; yet, as you’ve seen it twice this a pattern; ok? 

There, is a spontaneous generation of lifecolloidal bacteria that will arise from any organic material substrate; via, aggregation, fusion, and differentiation [AFD] process; life, every day is applied of the colloid of life cycle; a, red blood corpuscle becomes an egg or sperm in the gonad; 

Element, in the tissue is built of double spore lifecolloidal building blocks; and, as indicated in other papers; all, is composed of the smallest matter you can see; called, a lifecolloid;

A, colloid of life is a series of weak magnetic arcs in in the ether; and, is a parallel cyclotronic whirlpool of both north-negative and south-positive; traveling, parallel yet passing each other; and, such is a continuous perpetual motion of magneton; all, is made up out of weak magnetic waves in the visible spectrum; all, rocks of the earth is made of such colloid of life and all metal is too; 

And, not a single chemical is not full of colloid of life; all, fixed body tissue came to be as a result of a red blood corpuscle originally; and, can in colloidal biography reverse differentiate back into a red blood corpuscle; now, this is a very important distinction between Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation and other programs that do not have a focus upstream; 

Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation de-bulks the body of all extraneous debris; obesity, is healed up; and, states of cachexia too; because, the cleansing incurs through the bowel and no Herxheimer reaction generally ever occurs; and, because all mineral is paid attention to, energy stays up and excito-toxicity is guarded against; yet, what are you doing to have preventative health?

On, Jubb’s twenty one day cleanse you can do five flushes; you, empty your liver; so, it pops back dry; and, then via capillary action of: magnetic, temperature, and pressure differentials; blood, flows into a liver; empty, of itself; it, can process and assist cleanse the blood and also pass on nutrient; 

The, beloved’s womb environment is a cause of most all being borne jaundiced; and, not of a natural birth being born in the caul; and, also amniotic sack being of very poor integrity in relation to a lifefood pregnancy; also, lifefood and being cleansed out has our sisters only have a clear mucus discharge at the end of the cycle; and, a great savings of energy is existed that the endometrium doesn’t have to blanche itself during the end of the ovulation cycle; ok?

Yet, because of bile and brunner gland occlusion; infant spastic degeneration; leukemia; diabetes; radiation poisoning; all, involve the spleen and liver swelling up and having hypertrophied; 

Because, most are born with an occlusion already; and, such an occlusion of the mesentery diaphragm organ will not allow proper blood to be formed; and, little bilirubin pigment is swept out; and, is deposited into the connective tissue to get it away form vital organ function; so, most are born yellow today and that condition slowly clears up; ok? 

AFD, process involves also reverse differentiation of fixed body tissue as indicated above; and, such happens first to all non vital tissue beyond the economy of what’s needed; and ,all such tissue that’s extraneous the body wants to break down first as it’s given the chance;

As, dead food consumption would have been relentless; and, high phosphate food is just that – actually called dead food; not, lifefood; and, tissue can have had slow silent inflammation; and, ever become more dry; and, evermore porous; to, have become a ghost of its former self; and, via AFD process become full of parasitical dysbiotic lifecolloid having turned to their own demise; having, abandoned their ordinary symbiotic role; and, this is what neoplasm is; yet, it is also a partial explanation to you of the poly-potency of a red blood corpuscle; ok? 

A, high phosphate diet will burden the body no question about it; your, body isn’t designed to withstand excessive phosphate; and kidney, liver, lung, intestine, brain, pancreas, thyroid, thymus; and, all other organs also damaged; have cytoplasm; it’s, condition and structure altered; yet, red blood corpuscle need to be kept constant; 

Body, cells that are fixed and of superfluous value; become, broken down as you trigger a state of autolysis; this, is triggered only as no energy is necessary for digestion; and, no extraneous energy is spent managing a habit; all, such relentless habit is fasted from; you, live on lifefood blended soup, smoothie, and some blanched lifefood with a lifefood sauce at the end of your day; such, acts as a broom; 

All, toxin is broken down; the, lifecolloid probiotic has the most powerful enzyme called lumbrokinase for breaking the very tough fibrous fibrin down; and, as indicated herein you remain mineralized while doing the formulas that are designed very specifically;

Diarrhea, can have been the cause of a loss of hydration and cells broken down; because of such, dehydration is guarded against on Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation program by making sure you remain mineralized; this, author has a FloraGrow formula that is superior; and, also how about doing sun dried sea salt? Not, another type of salt;

A, red blood corpuscle does have poly-potency; and, as neoplastic tissue was shrunk; this, author has observed that all neoplastic fixed tissue full of dysbiotic spore; as, is most all condition becomes down regulated back to its double spore primitive lifecolloid as a double spore; and, this in turn is, via reverse differentiation, pleomorphed back into a healthy red blood corpuscle; ok?


jubb david

Lifecolloid Extremophile: Magnetically Unique As ET In Our Time

Haunting, questions profound is ever more answered; lifecolloid, extremophile as an example; sets, limits known on earth beyond your wildest imagination; thriving, in niches so hostile to what we know as possible; it, stretches your imagination very far;

Thriving, in hostile environment thought way too hostile and volatile; and, beyond what you and i could have seen; an, unseen world of lifecolloid [the tiniest microorganism building blocks of life] snacking on radioactive decayed rock; and, in such a hot place it has to be above boiling to reproduce; such, extremophile living in liquid cold methane snacking on unimaginable substance; and, fluid is flowing in such lifecolloid yet at temperatures and pressures that defy what is currently taught; herein, lies a twilight zone of a long lost dimension;

Life, is magnetic; life, is moving; and, you’d be surprised at the amount of silica-based lifecolloid in the deep ocean bottom – not carbon-based; and, not involving sunlight; yet, snacking on rock; and, rock breaking back down into colloid of life; 

Thriving, in such hostile environments, allows you to realize how life is on other planets and moons of our own solar system; and, to doubt this you’d have to not innerstand colloidal biology; yet, thriving here on earth is lifecolloid like radiodurans that just loves to find radioactive material to snack on; and, some just live on methane gas and even sulfuric acid; how lovely!

Unique, as ET in your own time; hey, no need to go somewhere else to find tiny little monsters; sure as hell, tiny little dinosaurs, etc; at, the level of lifecolloid you’ve got the very unusual; for instance, without colloid of life being respired, as you know, it wouldn’t rain; did, you know clouds form because such important colloid of life act to create such precipitation?

Lifecolloid, snack on one element; and, via biological transmutation of that element, lifecolloid acts on such to have turned it into iron bauxite; that, is smelted to make the vehicle you drove in today! 

Microscopic, technique has pulled a veil back on a hidden dimension; oh my, please you’ve to have seen what’s mostly unseen ever before: could, you imagine going into outer space exploring? Then, you can have an idea of how unbelievable it is to travel with me deep into the abyss; deep, into the smallest world of magnicity and magnetically shaped lifecolloid; and, it is self built out of the colloid of life; down here, you weigh less; 

Invisible, made with crystal sharp focus; like, never before; I’ve, explained how a specimen’s light itself is used in this technique of microscopy; yet, it was opened up to me to be able to see the invisible like never before; i went running, and have never stopped; 

Magnicity, making non-motile motile; matter of fact, to actually be getting up and dancing; the, inanimate comes alive via aggregation, fusion, and differentiation [AFD] of lifecolloid; all, be one blanket all woven life is made of; now, i know you’d be looking at a leaf and a bee and how could this all be related? Yet, in colloidal biology you and i sure are related to the rocks – and the plants – and the insects – and the clouds and mountains too;

Magnicity, gets everything moving; dancing; and, giving you soul; this, is a world of colloidal biology; and, how an atom as magnicity itself interacts with other atom; on, this minute level of nano-sized colloidal biology; and, especially extremophile lifecolloid this article be about mostly;

Symbiosis, reigns supreme in colloidal biology; and, pleomorphism is a fact; and, the colloid of life cycle is too; and, so is aggregation, fusion, and differentiation; also, how most all lifecolloid grow and reproduce; and, this isn’t through mitotic cell division, ok? Now, when you’ve witnessed this world you came back with a unique perspective; and, it’s not what’s been imaginary; out, to get you tactfully by filling in unknown gaps; in, a mental theory this article isn’t about; so, get ready for the impossible now; take, a seat and relax; yet, I’d bet you will be kept on the edge of your seat; ok?

Colloid of life, have a life cycle; and, it’s a lifecolloid lifecycle; where, one building block is the building block for ever more complex life – no matter what; and, a colloid of life aggregates with other aggregates and becomes a double spore; modern, medicine wrongfully has called a virus; yet, most have no idea – none; i’m sorry, yet, you and i live in an age of the flintstones coming to innerstand what’s reality based of the twenty first century; yet, each stage is as a spore is the building block of all lifecolloid organelle after this; making up, all spiral circular and rod shaped lifecolloid; and, if blood borne inhibitor is present in your body, none can express themselves to have an extra skeletal structure; not, allowed in the terrain of your self; you, have diastatic poison – cyanic acid amygdalin B17; you, have heavy metals and such also; along, with proper acid and alkaline medium as all is good; but, guess what’s come to visit if you didn’t keep your bioterrain in good stead?

Stay tuned to part two of this article on lifecolloid being a bit ET-ish and extremophile, ok?

As, you are seeking a deeper insight into Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation, visit our overview page or book a free consultation with a verified cleanse technician (Phoenix Fastician)

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Brain and Nerve Is Assisted Via Your Brain Gut Health

Cells, in your brain necrosed caused changes in conformational undergone normal brain protein; via, a process of aggregation, fusion, and differentiation [AFD]; that, is inclusive of dysbiotic neoplastic condition; and, brain and body cell dysbiosis;

 The, frontal temporal lobe has neoplastic inclusion because of a leaky gut; and, reduced blood brain protection; diseases of the brain chiefly consists of dementia primarily;

Etiologically, personality; memory; learning; and, behavior involves a dysbiotic brain to, gut connection; incurring, deterioration of a global syndrome based upon dementia psychoses; organic, regarded state of delirium superimposed; and, behavior abnormal; idea, that is delusional and hallucination are all psychotic symptoms of a colloidal psychosis;  

A, strong diagnostic validity is a culminating of a basic root condition; so, a true healing therapeutic response assist all beloved be healed up; Jubb’s 4NR, is for you to be healed up from such neoplasm as is degenerative brain disease;

A, pancreas full of calcium phosphate deposit; reduces, insulin and other extremely important nutrients; to, have proper brain function; effect, resistant to insulin; and, pro-inflammatory protein [like amyloid]; and, depression, and all minimal brain dysfunction is assisted on Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation;

A, rise of diabetes was you remained not on lifefood; that, is low phosphate diet efficacy of your brain being normal is critical; such, a diet as lifefood inhibits the wrongful necrosis of excitotoxic protein; yet, a vital pancreas, and insulin’s role plays a major part; as, insulin is a neurotropic factor; 

Time, experienced of a passivity; and, a loss of volitional drive; abnormal mood; thought disorder; bi-polar disorder; also, cultural social madness; due, to control-communication; and, conformity not being whole brain patterned; and, therefore

A, lack of insight; obviously, an observed not being in reality, out of touch; non understandable and, unsoundness of mind, as the presence of mental disorder; and lack of proper reasoned ability; all commonly shared impersonal criticism is the normal pop claim; as you, want to learn more; you can read Secrets Of An Alkaline Body; and, Jubbs’ Cell Rejuvenation: Colloidal Biology: A Symbiosis; and, browse through the other articles on this site…


jubb david

Adaptogenic Compound Normalize & Balance Body Function: Jubb’s Lifehydrate

In, the forest is your total spirit; you’d, have to say that isn’t this the wilderness inside you? And, with tasting, chewing, and drinking what’s chewed; in, the forest alone; never, are you; lost, feelings is with plants in every forest; totally, below is living a community of a teeming lifecolloidal mat; all, be made up out of;

Every, forest totally is below a living thriving community of lifecolloid; looked, upon is only a part of the forest in its totality; a, wiser older being; and, such as is the red-belted polypore; and, also ganoderma is a polypore growing in aspen forest high up in the mountains; such, has extreme adaptogenic properties that restore body functions to become normalized;

A, wiser older being gives phytonutrient; as, a lifefood such is made a condiment; you, be replied to as this healer herb be requested excellence; given, all is with adaptogenic properties; polypore, probably is one of the most sought after compound; for, such has remarkable nutrient value recycled from the forest; and, is full of monatomic element – generally rare ones; and, all such herb exert such a powerful effect restoring and returning the body systems to become back into balance;

Medicinal, value in polypore as is also chaga; found, growing high up in the mountains on birch; can be, as is information herein, left for generations into the future; and, environment preserved; forest, of old generation growth and canopy shade comes back again; and, soil being again reconditioned;

The, ancient wild of times pristine be returned; peace, and calm be restored; collecting, lifecolloid as is such polypore talked about; directly, from the forest; we are related, as is all life, to this lifecolloid; and, polypore also is a distant cousin of yourself really; Jubb’s Lifehydrate formula, is made of the finest freshest polypore collected; all, cold extracted and full of enzyme; put, into a one hundred percent saturated solution of a colloid;

Tuberculi, dysentery and strep; and, campylobacter dysbiotic bacteria and candida yeast; all, is dealt with very powerfully via nutrient inside such polypore; and hemorrhoid, bladder, and urinary disorder also; as a diuretic such formula pulls water out from between cells so they can breathe again;

It, has such anti-neoplastic properties and is highly anti-inflammatory; such, a formula reduces stress-induced tension; and, has a calming effect; relieving, one from pain; and, you have relief from chronic fatigue; such, powerful antioxidant all assist you be made more whole again; 

Oxygenation, of cells is increased dramatically; and, bad cholesterol is reduced; a, small handful of only about five grams dry weight can have formed in the wild up to 4000 international units of vitamin D2; and, 

Such, polypore has so many valuable trace elements including zinc; and, such allows your body to make a powerful antioxidant called superoxide dismutase; such, a formula as Jubbs Lifehydrate is highly adaptogenic;

In conclusion, such remarkable effects is incurred via polypore that bad cholesterol is reduced; anti-inflammatory effect is incurred quite noticeably; compounds, increase the production of red blood corpuscle; stimulating, peripheral blood flow and micro-circulation; and, increases and protects fertility; 

Adrenal, exhaustion is rife today and such a formula is an adrenaline restorer; and, such nutrient resides within this that assists joints to be healed; assists, you have again an internal luster; well, this is so because it’s often brining in what the body has had a shortage of; because, of some relentless habit kept; and, needing to be itself modified or cleared away; so, Jubbs Lifehydrate is a vitalizer; and, is made up from adaptogenic lifecolloid such as polypore mentioned here, ok?


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Can You Heal Your Oral Destructive Habit?

Lemon-bicarbonate shots, can go along way to reverse; and, also stop some of the bad effects of having consumed a diet of disaccharide sugar; yet, bicarbonate in your blood and also having bicarb flow because of having good bile flow is very important to realize good fluid flow; matter of fact, check this out for yourself: your saliva will be far more wet and flowing that you do a lemon-bicarb shot; it, will wet the fluid of your body; therefore,

Proper, bicarbonate and bile flow is essential to have proper chemical mediated immunity; that, is beyond cell mediated immunity yet more to do with the overall bioterrain; that, includes negative redox or antioxidant and pH; and, also conductivity present;

Such, ecosterilizes via a chemical mediated defense; biology, and also botany has at is disposal; therefore, bile occlusion inhibits proper blood flow and so does excessive disaccharide sugar; indigestible protein; and, also runaway sugar; and, even a restricted blood flow to your teeth; your, eyes and brain can have all been effected by bile occlusion; and, non-lifefood consumption; therefore, 

Your, dental tubular lymphatics, eyes, and brain are all enhanced of blood flow as you are happy; and, consuming primarily a lifefood diet with a modest amount of naturally produced disaccharide sugar; for, what you have eaten will show up in the dental pulp and at the root of all teeth within minutes of it being in the stomach; and, it will be at the surface of the eneamal of your teeth within an hour; also, scalp and skin and nails also; 

Your, pH of your mouth is supposed to be about 7.3; yet, it it far more alkaline than it should be today; and, also tissue of the body is very acidic – it’s about 5.8 on average; and, such a condition inhibits the proper dental flow of lymphatics through your teeth; for, disaccharide sugar pulls all calcium and magnesium and bicarbonate from the blood; and, this causes the dental fluid flow to have ceased in relation to a lifefood diet; and, this is a message for the whole of your body; therefore, 

Lymphatic, exercise assists enourmously; and, micronutrient intake as well; as, is copper, iron, and manganese; all, such assists reduce tooth and tissue decay overall; for, also as you are relaxed, lymph flows through your teeth; and, when not not; and, disaccharide sugar destroys the hypothalamic connection with the parotid gland; so no parotid hormone, no tooth protection; no tooth protection, and teeth can have got damaged because they can have lost micronutrient;

Bile occlusion, and lack of happiness is going to create overall a challenging condition of body stress; and, such can be even seen how such affects tooth enamel; how, about learning about Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation? And, do a Lifefood Nutritional Fast for twenty one days?


jubb david

Waking Up Bright: You Have Magnicity

Did, you know that most beloved on the earth at this moment have been possibly over-breathing? Did, you know that biology either requires carbon and silica to have magnicity transferred? Did, you know that you can have been impacting this transfer of magnicity by hypocapnia? That, is over-breathing? Did, you know that carbon was not being kept as it should as your inspiration was other than nice and relaxed? Did, you know that when you sleep dreaming allows your body to heal? And, that because carbon was not being kept in good stead; smooth, muscle relaxant properties; that, vasodilate your capillaries so a cell is respired; is, other than occurred?

Carbon, in a cell makes this exchange medium possible of magnicity; in the tissue, hemoglobin has other than a nice energy exchange; and, oxygen is given where hemoglobin can have a carbon dioxide exchange; so, can you see how important having carbon in your body is? A, cell is only if respired properly; it, keeps exactly seven percent of itself as carbon so this magnicity is remained a cell has enough magnicity; it, can do inner cellular work; and, keep in mind that oxygen is only going to be exchanged you have enough carbon;

Did, you know that carbon was not being kept at this level that you’ve been mouth breathing during your sleep? And, it’s in the wee hours of your sleep in the morning that this can have been incurring; and, you were not too conscious of the outside world; and, in those moments of the morning you were over-breathing?

All, abiotic and also biotic material is magnetic; did, you know this? Did, you know every atom is made up of magnetic particulate? Did, you know that each element has quantum effects? That, you do see in biology and also outer space; the, only candidate holding every thing together is magnetics; ok?

So, if you are waking in the morning very bright and shiny ready for what the day light brings; and, you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed; and, of the spring in your step; did, you know this can make a big difference? When, you are dreaming back through the night from the day before; at, night slowly going through time; not, costing you really any distance to go; and, your body is healing up; and, you don’t have to know that your body is healing up; do, you? So, anyway you then arrive back again at your morning the day before; and, this is how dreaming goes ok? And so, what your first thought is in the morning as you are arriving back to this plane sets the tone for your day ok?

Hypocapnia, by over-breathing when you have slept can have not been allowing you to hold a magnetic force; as, carbon was deficient and then energy exchange didn’t incur much did it? And, this is a reason maybe you can have not been feeling bushy tailed and bright eyed in the morning; ok?

When, you took off your sweater did you hear sparks? What, about seeing some sparks sometimes? Did, you know you are looking at biology holding a magnetic charge and this being stimulated by friction of direction by your hair and sweater being slid over each other? And, did you know this is called static electricity? And so, because you don’t look like a copper wire or a light bulb you actually are? And, there is really no difference ok?

A, cell is dependent upon a proper bio-balance; and, to this end a cell is only living because it’s bioterrain is supporting life; so, when it doesn’t you’ve got tiny little areas of your body like the basal ganglia of your spine; and, this like a very small tea shop in your neighborhood; so, when it’s too acid; and, also it was too wet; and, also when it got too cold in that tea shop; the, customers wanted to break out and they do; and, because you can’t get a immune cell in there because that would be like leading a bull through the china shop; and, hoping the china is going to be ok! So, no immune cells can get in ok? Your, body won’t let that happen; so, don’t go there; now,

Basal ganglia, sometimes want to desparately cleanse itself; and, do you know how this happens? It, happens because of an ability to engage sporalitive movement and exit toxin through the skin in a blister; when, that outer skin is sometimes triggered by a small stress and usually friction; it, can have signaled your body to be able to cleanse the basal ganglia in that area; and, made it easer for the body to exit debris through liquid postulates; in, colloidal biology this is a cleansing of the basal ganglia as indicated; and, what reason does your body choose that path? Well, it does because no real cell mediated immunity is in that tissue is it? And, so it has to be able to cleanse itself and also have it’s biochemical mediated immunity present; yet, can you do this if you have been mouth breathing in the morning? And, what is your first thought of the day? Do, you listen to the music all the time?

Yet, could there be a witching wind or dysbiotic geomancy where you sleep? Is, your environment free of dirty electricity? Do, you have enough minerals? So, there can be constructive and destructive interference; can’t there? And, when you sleep that you are a nose breather is going to be sure you wake up bushy tailed and bright eyed;

If, you’re not waking up bushy tailed; don’t, tell me it’s not because of magnicity; and, whether the place you are the most is where you sleep; and, you should know you can be lined up north-south and you can make sure the air is not below a fifty percent humidity ever ok? That, you can have had a magnetic disturbance and maybe a massive coronal ejection of your plasma body ok? If, you did you’d be left feeling stuffed puffy and congested and you’d feel a little fuzzy when you wake; you’d, also note that things look a little fuzzy too; and, both cosmic and terrestrial forces both vertical and horizontal magnetic forces can not have been kept in balance; and, this also creates dysbiosis;

When, younger ones are excited and over-excited and addicted to a rush; it, has behavior associated with over doing activity and stressing tissue; and, causing over acid and also too wet a state between the cells; and, also it causes cold; becaus,e of congestion and your temperature not kept and sometimes having felt cold; as, indicated here in then you’re going to cleanse; and, you know how your basal ganglia cleanses itself don’t you? So, if you ever lose your legs you won’t have to walk no more; but, basal ganglia is going to exit tissue any recent stress has existed; from, friction on the skin where someone can have been laying; and, over excited activity that stressed the skin; and, that’s where the basal ganglia can have sporalated to to be able to exit toxin; and, it happens by more blistering ok?

Dysbiotic, magnicity disturbance causes dysbiotic lifecolloid to have differentiated; aggregated, into dysbiotic lifecolloid because of the bioterrain not having its north negative redox; and, because the right parts of hydride to hydronium ions were not kept; and, because conductivity was not kept; we’ve, been relating any over breathing at night to have disturbed conductivity by not having carbon ok? And, also not having enough carbon; little, buffer exists in your blood to buffer your too alkaline blood; and, this can have stopped your breathing and this is called sleep apnea;

Chromosomal, inclusions incur a cell that starts to have excessive phosphate; and, the only way your cells have to keep order is to have magnicity; so, you have both a static field and also a dynamic field; and, as you have both these magnetic capacities your body remains vital; and, cell voltage is to be kept or your body has evolved a beautiful way to cleanse; and, this can have been going on through your skin that became a dumping ground for toxin; so, why don’t you do some Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation? What, reason is holding you back from doing a fourteen day Lifefood Nutritional Fast? Better still, what about doing it for twenty one days so you can establish a new pattern? For, its three weeks that is a sun cycle ok?

Anyway, a long time before illness is incurred something is sitting with you; and, why not love the one you’re with? Otherwise, this is going to show up in your plasma body ok? And, why not have love show up? You, have to love the one you’re with; and, isn’t it the way you keep self company? Anyway, your body lifeforce field can be measured by a standard volt meter; so, if god was here we could have clean energy; and, that’s what it’s supposed to be; not, so that you have to have a membership to get inside; can, your body reaction be the sign you need to say, “thank god for helping me read the signs”; ok?


jubb david

White Gold Has Nootropic Effects

White Gold Has Nootropic Effects

In, nature; a, queen bee can live for four years; whereas, a worker bee only lives on average for four weeks; it, makes a difference what the queen is fed and what her brain is fed; nutrient, can either grow areas of ourself or not; and, the queen is going to have a consciousness more of omnipresence; as, she can have had a relationship with the beekeeper; on, another note; non-biological functions, show effects such like fiber-optics; with, the addition of a rare earth element; technicians, were finally able to get light to go straight across the country; and, then after a short while; another, rare earth element was applied; to, make the information in light packets go right straight across the pacific; you, are going to have very unusual and powerful effects; compared, to what you could be missing out on;

Have, you heard the story about the red-eyed green tree frog? It’s, young inside a shell; can, quickly – even in a neo natal form – gestate; and, break open the shell; and, fall into the water; to, have hatched prematurely; and, rapidly went through its gestation much quicker; in, order to escape a predator; it, can have sensed such as a snake; such, a life form was able to sense this snake coming; and, intelligence existed before it was born;

In, the same vein; yet, in the plant kingdom; a, climbing tree plant that had no visual sight, apparently; to, see it’s support; yet, can still see where it’s support is though a partition is in its way; and, this plant can grow around this partition; might, you ask yourself, “can a tree feel a bird nesting within it”? What you can feel, you can see…right?

What we feel, we can see the shape of; echolocation, allows us the ability to see through sound; our, vomeronasal organ is a vestige of an organ; which, we relied more upon in the past than we do today; this, organ senses pheromones; an, element that is within the resonance of the air is sensed; as, a pheromone; trees, communicate to one another in this way; and, we have an ethmoid organ that pick up micro-pulsations; electromagnetically; but, that’s another story;

The, further you move away from something, the, more still it becomes; yet, distance poses no real challenge to White Gold that’s inside you – at all; with, resonance there is an instantaneous connection across space; you, can understand that the apparatus within ourself; that, is able to even sense gravity;

Love, is an emotion; that, certainly is felt and expressed through the heart’s action; and, its effect is on all the cells in your body; and, everyone knows that love is an emotion that acts over a distance; and, time; and, mostly it’s where you fall in; most, would say that it’s a state of being; where, there is no walls; and, it stays afloat ; whilst, its able to beat frictionlessly; the, heart is not anchored; but, is floating frictionlessly; able, to pick up resonating frequencies from afar; the, heart slips and beats frictionlessly; in, its pericardium sack which the heart is encased in; this, fluid sack; and, is not anchored to anything; and, your heart is able to pick up resonance; it’s, an example of an apparatus that’s not anchored; and, can act as an oscillating circuit; which, it does; the, heart is the most powerful modulator; than, anything in the body; the, heart has monatomic element within it;

All, elements on the periodic chart that pass through life; whether, you knew this or not; is, in its monatomic state; it’s, an interesting thing that an element on a chart can have spare electron, neutron and proton – and these are called isotopes; but, what is unusual about a monatomic is; that, it’s an element which is found in a non-clustered state; but, small enough to act as an oscillating circuit and pick up and transmit energy; and, possess non-localized phenomenon;

A, snake can sense movement; by, picking up infrared; it, can coil itself up and be half asleep even; and, it can sense everything around itself; any, element that is not in its covalent formed state; it, has the ability to act as an oscillating circuit; as, indicated here; it, can receive information and transmit information; White Gold is element; that, is not in any covalent form; meaning, it cannot be joined with another element; it’s, in its monatomic state; typically, smaller than a nine atom cluster of atoms;

In, such an element; positron, and electrons are paired; which, unite; and, wherever two equal and opposite annihilate each other; there, is something which is left over; and, this is a residuum; which, adds up to have a field that’s emitted beyond this monatomic element; that, screens electrons; it, has around itself to be bound and not available; and, these element in biology are involved in energy been transmitted throughout a distance; without, anything really physical having to be there;

Jubb’s Lifehydrate; and Jubb’s White Gold found in Jubb’s 4NR, Jubb’s Euphoria, and Jubb’s Organic Cleanser; have, luminescent element; and monatomic barium, calcium, potassium, sodium and strontium; is, of luminescence; and, powerfully engaged biophotonically; such, a light emission system has two or more light emanating regions; which, light is projected from; nature, provides perfect incubation of Lifecolloid within itself; deep, within the earth, where, dissimilar element in a dissipative structure; provides, electrochemical stimulation to lifecolloid; that, assists in the production of hydrogen; transmitting, heavier or larger element & breaking that down into hydrogen; nature – perfectly in the dark, in the quiet, and deep inside; engages, a depolarization of the oxygen evolutionary reaction; and, in nature; in, the earth; under, pressure; and, under various gasses; electrochemical, hydrogen production happens biologically; via, hydrogen and oxygen splitting;

Lithophillic, Lifecolloid; such, as found in Jubb’s Lifehydrate; Jubb’s White Gold – which, as we’ve been discussing, is a component of 4NR, Euphoria, and Jubb’s Organic Cleanser; such, lifecolloid have natural occurring enzymes such as nitrogenase and hydrogenase; deep, in the earth various gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane provide a supercritical fluid extraction of such rare earth element; even, from luminescent element; and, all the conditions within the earth exist to produce hydrogen through biological transmutation;

White Gold element; activates, past labeled “junk DNA”; which, happens to be up to 95% of our genetics; monatomic, element have special effects of levity; zero point, energetic; and, because they have positron and electrons having paired; that, are in such a high spin state; such, element can be blipping in and out of this third dimension;

Certainly, our story begins with a field of primary perception; some, explain the mizner field; as, this perception through resonance; such, monatomic element as found in Jubb’s White Gold; as platinum, iridium osmium and ruthenium has been shown to relax DNA; so, that it can have become corrected; and, iridium and rhodium have been shown to activate endocrine balance; and, assist greatly with hemisphere synchronization of the brain;

Monatomic, element are unusual; because, a temperature inside can exist colder than that of the outside of themselves; which, causes them to have a higher vibration; with, temperature changes such elements can become weightless; a, monatomic element is an element on the periodic chart in its non-covalent state;

Much, element in the body provides a biophotonic effect which is a task of non visual discrimination; there, is a reason why boron and borate and bicarbonates are necessary in assisting to clear away radioactivity and waste; element, such as boron – in its monatomic state – is necessary for normal growth; and, eases somatapause; and, balances calcium and magnesium relations; other, element such as iron, cobalt, and nickel; are, amongst the few elements in its monatomic state that produce a magnetic field external to itself; palladium; rhodium; and, ruthenium are from silver breaking down; whereas, platinum, iridium, and osmium is more from gold having broken down; all, monatomic element on the periodic chart keep all other element at bay by at least four angstroms; it’s, interesting that these elements have a critical cluster size; rhodium, has a CCS of five and iridium has nine;

A, photon really is a flash where an electron goes from a higher to a lower order; spectrophotometric, analysis; shows, various powerful healing agents in nature; to, have monatomic element within; such, as turmeric, garlic, rose, basil, ginger, licorice, sandalwood, and aloe are all just a few examples;

Monatomic, elements have really only just been discovered due to the fact that they require so much heat in order to be melted; monatomic, element certainly is involved and engaged more as a nootropic; certainly, monatomic element is engaged in healing current to be within your body; and, certainly any one can be observed to witness structural improvement; psychic, functioning; body, mind, and spirit are improved greatly; functioning, through resonance of a non-localized type of phenomenon;

This, is the magic; learn, how to support your nervous system and psychic ability; as a matter of fact, why not have an excellent fitness in this department? As, you care to learn more; this, researcher has much material on Youtube and other articles in our blog; also, read Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation and Secrets Of An Alkaline Body….


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A Red Blood Corpuscle: New Insights In Colloidal Biology

A Red Blood Corpuscle: 

New Insights In Colloidal Biology

Did, you know that a red blood corpuscle is not a cell? Did, you know it has no DNA? Did, you know it has no organelle interior of itself? Nor, does it have any cytoplasmic lifecolloid; except, that by colloid of life via aggregation; fusion; and, differentiation (AFD) process; a, red blood corpuscle forms primarily in the intestinal large cell laminar propria of the deep submucosa of the intestinal tract; red blood corpuscles, are composed of primarily double spore aggregated and fused together; and, having some differentiation; yet, called in an undifferentiated form; 

Did, you know that in colloidal biology the blood is far more than a simple gas transporter? A, red blood corpuscle is only about eight micron in size; yet, it can respire cells of your tympanic membrane of your eardrum; though, such capillaries are only sometime merely three micron wide; yet, it can via pinocytosis squeeze itself through that opening; and, you can only have good hearing you have proper cell respiration of your tympanic membrane; therefore,

Did, you know that a red blood corpuscle in colloidal biology is of poly-potency and it toti-potent? The, colloid building blocks lend themselves to become all cell and connective tissue; and, this doesn’t happen through mitotic cell division; yet, through a process of AFD; the, red blood corpuscle that can have become extravated; outside, of the blood vessel; and, embedded between the cells; and, it can have got stuck to an endothelial cell that is injured; and, its building blocks can become what is necessary at the sight of wound healing; a, red blood corpuscle is toti-potent; a, body fixed cell can reverse differentiate back into a red blood corpuscle; also, via AFD process; 

A, fat cell in colloidal biology can become reverse differentiated back into a red blood corpuscle; in, times the body is fasted; all, extraneous debris is cleared away; and, excess is removed; did, you know that no modern theory, hard science based, is existed to explain what is happening in the body continuously to spent red blood corpuscle? And, that it is as indicated doing far more than being a simple gas transporter? And, also mitotic cell division index of the body cannot account for all the red blood corpuscle that are produced every day? Therefore,

This, researcher has seen numerous acids form where none was before; and, observed a red blood corpuscle become a simple astrocyte as an immune cell; when, you have observed such can you go back to what has no no no base in reality; as, is the current insight into biology; where, the colloid of life and it’s pleomorphic lifecycle as a lifecolloid as is a spore, a double spore, a red blood corpuscle or bacterium or mold; fungus; and yeast; this, is not spoken about is it? No, it isn’t at the moment; yet, in the future it will be known that the cell is not the original building block; yet, a colloid of life is; as, is it’s form aggregated into lifecolloid as a double spore; it, is this double spore building block that makes up all cellular organelle interior of your cell; 

Can, you have only been impressed by Darwinism that is smashed by colloidal biological principle? Have, you only been given a false mechanistic theory that is actually a paradigm paralysis in the modern world; that, the cell is the original building block and in fact it isn’t? Let, me know as this is helpful to you; as, you’d care to take time you’re interested in this topic; how, about reading “Secrets of An Alkaline Body“…..and also read “Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation” to learn more; because, this information is so so so cutting edge; how, about forming into study groups to review the literature I’ve put about such? 


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Thymus Gland Holds A Mysterious Key To Longevity

Thymus Gland Holds A Mysterious Key To Longevity

Glandular, vitality of your immune defenses depends upon thymus gland functioning; and, in immunity it assists ward off dysbiotic lifecolloid in fluid and also cellular inclusion; as, is what neoplasm is actually; and, the thymus mediates your inner cellular defenses; and, inhibits such subversion from within; as, tissue can in colloidal biology have pleomorphed into dysbiotic lifecolloid as cellular inclusion; as, is typical of all connective tissue disease; therefore,

How, clean your intestinal tract is; how, clean your saliva in your mouth is; how, wet and thin is your saliva? How, wetting the fluid of your body is; depends, upon you having albumin – a super transporter that transports all nutrient across the three compartments of your self; and, hydrates too; yet, if immune defenses are in excess then globulin is; and, also fibrin is there too; and, then albumin would have had to be reduced; ok?

Albumin, is the super transporter of all nutrient; and, it can have been “retired off the road” figuratively; to, make room for protein in the blood not cleared of excess; that, has to have had its own way; and, to that end no no no no room is left in your blood for the super transporter albumin; now, bile occlusion and also celiac is the major culprit; and, beyond what is necessary to sustain to have become a serious toxin; and, the cause of silent inflammation; therefore,

Your, thymus is located behind the frontal breast bone; and, is made up out of two lobes of pink tissue in health; and, grey tissue in disease; and, it is primarily made up of keratin as is your nails; and, skin; and, it rapidly declines because of no epithelial factor passed on from Brunner glands below your liver; as, discussed in other articles by this researcher; and, it declines because of no lifecolloid probiotic element; for, such is your rich cache of DNA and RNA; therefore,

As, your thymus gland is kept vital you have longevity; and, as it would have atrophied; it, also does so along side your ability to reproduce; and, whether hormone is being kept or not; so, the thymus gland remains as you have your sexual maturity and vitality; and, thymic stomata begin to have atrophied as adipose fat cells is deposited around wrongful consumed phosphate; that, can have been deposited in connective tissue as a calcium phosphate and oxalate;

Your, thymus gland in good vitality is about thirty five grams in weight; yet, at the age of seventy it can only weigh as much as about five grams; and, can have totally been basically indistinguishable from the adipose tissue that it becomes grown over by; therefore,

Did, you know that your natural condition is to be in (relaxed) parasympathetic mode; ninety, percent of you waking day? Did, you know that (excitatory) sympathetic is supposed to be only ten percent; of, your waking day? What, happens that shows cortisol elevation in saliva when younger ones have to apparently go to school? 

Tiny, nerves innervate your thymus; yet, do not penetrate directly; from, the vagal and also the sympathetic nervous system; and, yet stress excessively; and, also non-vital function of your Brunners gland of your digestive tract; and, little epithelial growth factor; and, little to no proper amino acid synthesis; causes, deficiency in lymphatic flow through your thymus as well as the dental pulp of your teeth; and, other organs too; ok? 

Your, thymus gland is where connective tissue is all connected together; and, in embryology a phylogenetic recapitulative past evolutionary intelligence is existing; and, your feelings of moving forward freely in life; and, your heart’s energy is of your felt will be expressed; and, it’s flow all effect thymus activity; therefore,

Allergy, is an over reactive immune response; and, that often is too a common allergic most are ok with; and, also the immune system could be not able to react; and, it can have been deficient of micronutrient necessary to be remained vital; and, so,

Autoimmune, function is where your body is able to recognize what is healthy you from what is not; and, all disease as indicated herein is as is a connective tissue dis-ease; therefore, all such arises initially because of high phosphate dead food consumption; and, bile occlusion; and, epethelial growth factor produced via your brunners cells above your sphincter of Oddi; orchestrate, amino acid; otherwise, even little is existed to make necessary neurotransmitter;

The, heart provides natural Atriatic factor that nourishes micronutrient; complexed, via parotid hormone; and; happiness allows lymph to flow through your connective tissue; and, your heart’s energy and your spiritual energy; directly, impacts your thymus; and, it can be very easy to show such; and, your thymus gland is far far far more than a graveyard for T-cells; as, has only been thought; for, it matures your whole immune system response; to, keep connective tissue and also body fluid; and, eco-sterilize of all dysbiotic lifecolloid….


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Vital Blood Has A Lower Surface Tension

Vital Blood Has A Lower Surface Tension:

It’s Not Just Ordinary Water 

Vital, blood has a good ability to absorb nutrient; even, as gas from your lungs; that, is the chief digestive force provided by the lung; and, energized by the hearts percussion; and, therefore, 

Vital, blood has a surface tension of about forty eight point six three nine (48.369) dyne; and, tap water has a surface tension of seventy two dyne and isn’t as absorbent as is your liquid blood; that, is actually a protein liquid crystalline lattice as an organ; yet, under stress it becomes more viscous and can have had a dyne level of about fifty two; 

Surfactant, produced inside your intestinal tract assist wet your blood more; and, Brunners glands do too; that, produce a very viscous wetting solution of bicarbonate salts; and, this neutralizes the acid churn from the stomach; and, liberates fats and carbs to be broken down and mineral to precipitate; that is combined in the aggregation, fusion, and differentiation of colloid of life; as, they have aggregated and then fused; and, these fused masses differentiate into a red blood corpuscle in the large cell lamina propria; in, your submucosa of your intestinal tract; nitrogen, is applied to manufacture amino acid; and, also neurotransmitter and hormones too; and, therefore,

Four, phases exist in colloidal biology including a plasma body; and, a gaseous body; a, fluid body; and, a solid body; as, is a colloid; magnicity, provides a surface tension of a substance in its relation to its surround; and, viscosity, suspension, cohesion, & adhesion in your intestinal tract; combine, to manufacture red blood corpuscle, ok? 

One, cubic millimeter of blood can have up to five million red blood corpuscle in there; and, as a lifefoodarian you can have maybe about five thousand immune cells and and some three hundred platelet; that, is of an albumin to globulin ratio of five over one; you, can achieve this you have zero inflammation because you live on lifefood; and, you’ve cleared away all intestinal inflammatory situation; and, Jubb’s LifeHydrate; FloraGrow; 4NR; and Euphoria; can, go along way in assisting you have proper surfactant necessary; therefore, 

The, blood is highly absorbent as a solution; and, that blood is a heterogeneous concentrated protein solution that has its good surface tension; to, absorb gas and also all other nutrient within itself; and, so,

Surface, tension is made up out of amphiphilic and also amphoteric element; that, allow it to be very flexible in its absorptive capacity; even, of magnicity; and, this is because of its magnetic north, south, and neutral pole magnicity; and, gradations of concentration and dissipative structure; ok? Anyway, eat lifefood and be happy you can live a long life…


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