Jubb’s 4NR: For Neoplastic Remission

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Jubb’s 4NR: For Neoplastic Remission:

  • Provides, you with lifefood natural pacifarin (heal disbiosys): you clear away mold, fungus and yeast from the body
  • Delivers, natural analgesic (pain relief) effect
  • Causes, reduced inflammation of your brain; acting as a natural nootropic
  • Improves, circulation and deepens the hearts pulse (improved heart health)
  • Reduces, anxiety

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A, true healing therapeutic is you changing your ways; so, did it ever incur to you that an energetic vibration exists in what you eat? Did, you know that phosphate high; and, calcium low food (dead food) is of no micro voltage? In, dead food no natural pacifarin (natural cleanser) is existed;

A, magnetic bioluminescence of monatomic halo is given of healthy cells versus un-healthy cells; and can, easily be seen via bright; and, dark field; microscopic; work, bio-frequency of a vibrant tissue; versus, skeletonized necrotized tissue; and, so

Neoplasm, (dysbiotic tissue) is an imperfect-ness with red blood corpuscle being able to magnetically flow freely; and have a static field in the matrix of your body; such preparation as Jubbs 4NR supplies the body with an ammonia and a nitrate; that, strips the protective covering of neoplasm; and, inhibits co-carcinogenic K factor [C K F]; that, can have been protecting those cells from immune recognition;

When, blood was ever shifted from its seven point three (7.3) pH range; dysbiotic, lifecolloid can be seen to have arisen; and, as this is adjusted back; via 4NR; and, Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation; forms, of dysbiotic tissue; via, aggregation; fusion; and, differentiation; return, back to a virulent form; as, a “colloid of life” level in the blood again as this is in health; now,

Most, you’d agree, are following a pseudoscience of fixed monomorphic insight; that, is of a paradigm paralysis; discredited, by live blood cell microscopic analysis today; and, such analysis also de-bunk the genetic theory of mitotic cell division; necessary, by imagination only apparently; for, lifecolloid multiply as is seen clearly via twenty thousand (20,000X) magnification; lifecolloid, can be seen to spontaneously retro-differentiate via AFD (aggregation, fusion and differentiation) process;

In, the thirties Rife was able to magnify sixty thousand times (60,000); and, examine living tissue; and, fluid; Rifes, approach is similar to Enderlein; Riech; Chishima; and, Naessens; whom, this researcher assisted; and, went on to pioneer colloidal biology present innerstanding; having, applied fine optics to observe colloid of life by dark; and, bright field microscopy; much, became known that modern medicine has remained deaf to; like, in the late 70’s; this, researcher observed oxidative stress test in blood reading; and, knowledge of reading such oxidative tests yet to be applied today; too, numerous other researchers have also documented a pleomorphic life cycle; which, along with Lepenshinskya and Chishima; opened, up as to how blood is formed in colloidal biology; and, thus also the origin of neoplastic condition too!

This, researcher was involved in the development of Colloidal extracts; and, whole food vitamineral complex; and, deep insight into grown nutrient; natural, complex vitamin vs. synthetic analogs which are often poisonous; natural nutrient promotes extremely important surfactant; this, researcher begin to study intermidiatary surfactant [between] molecule and blood borne inhibitor; membrane permeability surfactant enhancement insight was developed; and much pleomorphism; as, micro-chimerism was observed; during, this period of time; a, red blood corpuscle was observed differentiating into a white blood cell; you can read more about this in Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation; with, this insight; this, researcher developed lifehydrate; while, investigating renal and pulmonary surfactant and hematopoiesis; which, is the study of blood formation as is formed in the intestine; under, certain nutritional conditions of low caloric intake; blood, is reverse differentiated from a fat cell;

4NR, comes to be from a cross-diciplinary background; as, you can see; this, researcher developed 4NR natural remedy for neoplasm in the late seventies; and, assisted put together a taxonomy of abiotic substance; led, into research that related to mummification; and, plant materials used for such; because, tissue of the body was noted could have broken down into fermentative dysbiotic lifecolloid by AFD; and, that on one hand; dysbiotic, tissue require three types of foreign protein: chitin, resilin and scleritin; and, on the other hand; the, body in good health produces enzyme to dissolve foreing protein [as, you have proper lifecolloid probiotic in the intestine]; chitinase, resilinase and scleritinase; transform, dysbiotic tissue back into blood;

Such, enzymes break up the foreign protein from the blood; which, always forms the extra-skeletal structure of pleomorphic parasite [see Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation]; and, this was discovered; that, if you gave a substance; like, nitrogen; which, such neoplastic parasite is excited by; and, draws into itself; and, along with this nitrogen; a, terpenated nine carbon atom is mixed; so, you’ve got a nitrogenated terpenated compound that is drawn in perfectly; melting, all mucus along the way; and, once it gets into the parasitic lifecolloid; it, doesn’t allow that lifecolloid “protein scaffold” to be able to exist any more; chitin, resilin and scleritin can’t exist in such environment; and, thus 4NR was developed; anyway, on another note

All, must support a tight junction fit in the intestine; this, seals the intestine from foreign protein having entered into the body and blood wrongfully; such, protein (gliadin glutenin, casein and gluten) is commonly known allergen supposed to be easily be defecated out; as, there is lifecolloid like L. salavarius and L. planetarium; which, love oxygen; and, exist in an anaerobic and aerobic state; this, probiotic is found in Jubb’s LifeColloid and Jubb’s FloraGrow

Can, you appreciate how important having good digestive function is? And, proper liver; and, pancreatic bi-carbonate; is, in having good blood borne inhibitor; that, block the expression of the double-spore neoplasm; from, becoming a building block of a dysbiotic parasitical lifecolloid within the body matrix; ok?

In, colloidal biology blood is known to form in the intestinal villi deep sub mucosa; large, cell laminar propria; via, AFD process; and, under a state of autolysis; is, reverse differentiated from adipose tissue back into a red blood corpuscle; and, as such differentiate continuously; depending, upon its bio terrain found; so, where blood borne inhibitor is existed; parasitic, tissue cannot form because such require(s) chitin resilin and scleretin to be able to form; thus

Darwin, had a wrong idea; [that, pleomorphism wasn’t considered as truth]; that, life such was in a fixed form; and, “un-changed;” was, wrong! And, such evidence supporting colloidal biology is amassed; that, such is of live blood cell analysis today; and it is shown that, terpin; ester; phenol; were, found as natural pacifrin; in food eaten; from nature; yet, not much today in a dead food diet; and dysbiotic infection can have incurred in the pancreas, brunner gland; bile, bladder; and intestinal tract; in, the mesentery region of the body

The, origin of neoplasm; is, from a red blood corpuscle; in, a contaminated fermented environment; the, red blood corpuscle is toti-potent; such, a property is observed by a cache of lifecolloid double spore in size; that, make up a red blood corpuscle; and, can have pleomorphed into a somatic cell that has DNA; via, process of AFD; this, somatic cell can reverse differentiate back into a red blood corpuscle; given, the right environment; obviously, mitotic cell division assay; cannot, account for all the red blood corpuscle made new every day; colloidal-biology, does account for this blood formation via process of AFD;

Jubb’s 4NR: For Neoplastic Remission:

  • Provides, you with lifefood natural pacifarin (heal disbiosys): you clear away mold, fungus and yeast from the body
  • Delivers, natural analgesic (pain relief) effect
  • Causes, reduced inflammation of your brain; acting as a natural nootropic
  • Improves, circulation and deepens the hearts pulse (improved heart health)
  • Reduces, anxiety


Active Ingredient: Nitrogenated-Terpenated Compound (derived from camphor, oregano, thyme, holy basil, urea, ammonia nitrate)

Other ingredient: Hydrogen ion, boron, sodium carbonate, Jubb’s White Gold Hydride, oleic acid (palm kernel), rutabaga protein, non-GMO citric acid, sphingosine and ceramide, cocoa lipid, organic monatomic magnesium, humid and fulvic acid


Take 1/4 teaspoon (1.1 grams) twice a day mixed with a spoon of honey or food, for five days on and two days off. For a total of three weeks, taking the fourth week off. Repeat cycle.

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    Tammy I have used this product for a week, friend gave me some, and I noticed less pain in my right hip at night. I would get this, for also it cleans out any inflammations in the body. For Pain management this will work. I was very calm mood that week also, attibuted to taking this.

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